Status update

August 2018

You will recall last month a Request for Proposal (RFP) was sent to four architectural firms. Great news, proposals have been received from Hamilton based firms EdwardsWhite & Chowhill, Auckland based firms, Jasmax & FearonHay. Three of the firms accepted our invitation to visit site during the tender period, providing us further opportunity to discern who they are as people and how they function as a team. The Building Team have begun evaluations of the proposals – including robust discussion as we compare strengths and weaknesses alongside our individual impressions of each firm.


I’m sure many of us have doodled floor plans and building profiles on the backs of envelopes and serviettes, trying to put form to our imaginings of what our new church complex might look like. Maybe you have even wondered why all the fuss in appointing an architect. The reality is good design includes much more than floor plans and building elevations.

Successful building design requires assimilation of:

// An understanding of our site, how the building will connect to and influence the landscape

// The ethos of us as a faith community and how we desire to use the building

// Technical elements of sound, lighting, acoustics, heating, ventilation, wastewater…

// Our priority of longevity and sustainability for future generations

No simple task, but this is the architects craft.


When asked about building a team Henry Ford said “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” We are going to work with the architect for a significant period of time, and we want it to be a success. That means ‘fit’ and ‘chemistry’ with who we are at The Village Church, is as important in selecting an architect as previous experience and number of churches they have designed. Determining this “fit’ is more art than science, more qualitative than quantitative, it can’t be fully determined by analyzing the information presented on paper. Please continue to pray with us for God’s discernment and revelation of His architectural team for His project. A team who understands their craft and can work together with us to successfully deliver a facility that is functionally and aesthetically excellent.

‘So it is not whether we build, but rather what we build and why. Why should we build anything? Because the spirit is at work in us. We are imitating the Father, and he is building us. What should we build? We should build tools that enable us to do what God has placed us in this world to do. The first and central thing is the worship of God. That is the work we were created to do and all other work we do flows out of that.’

– ‘The Stones Cry Out’ by Doug Wilson

The Village Church Building Team