Great News – Architect Appointed

September 2018

The Building team have prayerfully completed evaluation and due diligence of all four architects (EdwardsWhite , Chowhill, Jasmax & FearonHay). We have unanimously recommended and the Eldership have endorsed the appointment of Edwards White Architects (EWA) to provide architectural services for Concept Design & Preliminary Design. There is a strong sense of God’s hand and Holy Spirit leading in the team’s unified decision. We have found our Bezalel. Thank you LORD!

The scope we are engaging EWA for at this point is for Concept and Preliminary Design phases only. The objectives of these phases are to determine the overall look and feel of the finished solution, allow a project budget to be established and to derive the requisite information for a resource consent submission. It is our intent to use Edwards White Architects for the entire project. However, due to uncertainties such as project funding and resource consent timeframes, we are only making a commitment for Concept and Preliminary Design phases at this time.


– Medium Sized firm with 14 staff based in Hamilton city.

– Experienced in designing church buildings

– Both partners and several key staff are Christ followers and are involved in various local churches

– There is a sense of ‘good fit’ with our values, ethos and motivation for this building project

– Very positive feedback, without exception, from all referees, all would engage them again

– Demonstrated high level of capability in their portfolio with recent work

– Previous projects of scale have included multiple stakeholders and demanding timeframes. They delivered an excellent building within both time and budget limits


We have scaled a significant peak in the journey to constructing a new church building. As we look ahead there are still multiple mountains for God to move: engagement of the other consultants, resource consent, additional land, funding etc… Please continue to pray for God’s guidance and provision as we proceed. More miracles to come.

Exodus 35:30-32 “See, the Lord has chosen Bezalel … and has filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and will all kinds of skills – to make artistic designs …”

The Village Church Building Team