God’s Grace and A Mind to Work.

September 2017

Nehemiah once had the almost impossible task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. No sane feasibility committee would have given him the green light and yet the wall was rebuilt in 52 days.

Two things made the difference:

  1. “… the gracious hand of my God was upon me” Neh 2:8

When God’s grace is active things happen. Favour is granted, mountains move, seas separate, people’s hearts are unified – you get the idea. Praise God for the evidence of His gracious hand leading us to commence this building project. We want to continue our efforts in step with His leading.

  1. “…for the people had a mind to work.” Neh. 4:6

When God’s people have a mind to work, it has the practical effect of re-ordering our priorities, overcoming our selfishness, and enabling us to prefer others. When we all have a mind to work the job is accomplished.

We are building the true church (Christ’s body) so we can build a church building in a way that glorifies God. When the work is done, we should be closer, tighter, more committed to one another than ever before.

Nehemiah 3 talks about every person contributing in some way to get the job done. Let’s prayerfully consider what God could be saying to us about helping make this project a reality.

At some point we are going to be talking about money and architectural design. Both of these will challenge our own preferences and paradigms. Let’s pray and believe for love, consideration and humility to overflow. We are building the invisible things first, and the visible things are designed to be simply a wonderful echo of them.

Praise God for His gracious hand upon us, and may we all have a mind to work.

Words by Brennon