Choosing an architect

July 2018

As we cram ourselves into the hall each Sunday, we long for the new building to appear quickly. The reality is that this process was always going to take some time.

Research must be done, information must be gathered & shared, advice sought, permissions granted, emails written and responses waited on. Week by week, email by email we gradually progress. Continually praying for ears to hear the Father’s wisdom and eyes to see his vision for this new building.


Following initial interviews with the 5 architectural firms at the end of May, a Request For Proposal (RFP) has been compiled. For those that are unfamiliar with the process, the RFP is a formal document that details our requirements, how these will be achieved and stipulates how we will evaluate the merit of the consultants’ response.

The key evaluation criteria are;

// Comprehensiveness of the proposed method for delivering the services,

// Relevance of comparable experience & quality of track record of key personnel

// Capacity and availability of resources

// Price (of course)

Two Hamilton based firms and two Auckland based firms will be sent the RFP this month and invited to submit a tender.


There is a sense that any of the architects we met with could build a complex to cater for the practical needs of the different groups that will gather at 10 Martin lane. However, worship is our signature activity, this distinctive act sets us apart from other social clubs, schools, businesses and athletic teams. In Exodus 36, Bezalel was the architect responsible for shaping the place of worship, that would shape the worship of the people, that in turn would shape the way the people lived their common lives & their lives in common. We are still God’s people that continue to gather to worship Him, hence we require a building that does more than just meet our practical needs of gathering in a multi purpose building. Though we are not building a temple, the architect we appoint needs to capture God’s vision for The Village Church, and translate it into a form that facilitates our worship of God.

While we concern ourselves with the practicalities of bricks and mortar to house God’s church. God is concerned with the faith of his people, which is the soul of the building. While we labour over RFP and design briefs, God is after our hearts and true worship. As we study together the letters to the seven churches in Revelation, let us have ears to hear God designing his true church – US. We are not the scaffolding for the building, the building is the scaffolding for the true church that will stand forever. Members of the Building Team meet at 6.00am each Wednesday at 10 Martin Lane to pray. All are welcome.

The Village Church Building Team