Nehemiah 13 – Always Reforming

Dave wrapped up the series on Nehemiah talking from chapter 13 about about how important it is to hold true to what we have attained in God and to keep growing in our faith.

Nehemiah 13 – Always Reforming2019-08-28T09:58:57+12:00

Nehemiah 8 – The Law

Brennon speaks from Nehemiah 8 about the book of law that was given for Israel and how that applies to our lives.

Nehemiah 8 – The Law2019-07-23T13:07:17+12:00

Nehemiah 4 – Obstacles to the work

Dave speaks from Nehemiah 4 and encourages us when we face opposition to remember the Lord will fight for us, but we also need to do our part.

Nehemiah 4 – Obstacles to the work2019-07-09T13:12:09+12:00

The Anointing

Paul Zanardo speaks from Acts 10:38-39 and Luke 4:16-19 about the vital role of the anointing of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

The Anointing2019-06-25T16:57:42+12:00

God is big. Stay big.

Paul and Monika exhort us from Isaiah 54 and Matthew 14 to see the bigness of God's loving plan for us as individuals and as a church and to embrace that bigness with faith.

God is big. Stay big.2019-06-18T13:07:37+12:00