Building Update – 30km/hr

March 2020

Summer is a season of road works and if you drove anywhere on holidays this year you likely came across a section of road where you couldn’t see any machinery or people working, but the reduced speed limit signs were still up. As you crawled through at 30km/hr without seeing a single bit of work being done you likely wondered “What’s the reason for the reduced speed, nothing is happening?”

That’s a bit like what the start of 2020 has been like for the building project.

The conversations at the end of 2019 and last month with Waikato District Council, the neighboring landowners, and the Ministry of Education all look like the roadblocks of 2019 are moving, but the reduced speed limit signs are still up. We need to comply, even if we don’t know why they are still there. Trusting they will come down at the appropriate time.

The pause in the progress of 2019 has reminded us that we the Church live in the light of eternity and can afford to be patient. Patience is not only a virtue but part of the fruit that the Spirit establishes in our lives. Like fruit, it takes time to grow.

Equally true is that God has placed us in this time in this location according to his good purpose (Acts 17:26) and we desire to see the progress of the gospel that we live for. Prov 13:12 -Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

We want to continue to stay in step with the Holy Spirit, neither running ahead nor lagging behind, neither losing hope nor running on presumption. We all keep giving, keep praying, keep trusting in God’s ways. This applies to evangelism, discipleship, worship, care for our community, reaching nations and the construction of new buildings.

– The Village Church Building Team