A brief announcement to inform the congregation of the movement towards the construction of additional facilities.

If you’ve been around for a little while you’ll know the idea of developing a facility to serve our corporate life here at Horsham Downs is not a new thought. We purchased the road-to-nowhere (Martin Lane extension) when Horsham Downs Road was realigned. We’ve had a consistent building thread running through various prophetic voices over the years. We have also had to manage space issues in our facilities and in the Community Hall. 

Until now the idea of actually building something has had a convenient “out there” sense about it. “Sometime in the future, someday…” It’s been in the back of our minds, but without the challenge of being a present concern.

Well, the matter of a building is becoming a present concern. We’re challenged that it’s time to get it happening:

The construction of a purpose-built facility that primarily meets the need of a place for our corporate gatherings – the times we gather and offer our corporate worship of God. In short, a church auditorium, or sanctuary. Other facets may be included as resources permit.  

A few things have happened in the last couple of years that have required us to seriously consider this timing:

  • City accessibility and proximity
  • A recent land exchange to allow a cycleway along the Resolution Drive extension
  • A large donation towards a building endeavour

We are in the conversation stage. Nothing has been done up to this point apart from prayerful conversations around the eldership table.

The idea is daunting, and none of the eldership team are champing at the bit to embark on a building project. But difficulty, expense, and “I’d prefer not to”, are not good reasons to dismiss something. They are reasons to make sure it’s the right thing to do before we jump in. “Who among you does not first count the cost?” The fact that Jesus was applying the principle to discipleship does not take away from the fact that he was leaning on common sense to make the point.

You will have an immediate gut reaction. Probably one of these:

  • “At last!”
  • “I’m not sure about this.”
  • “I’d rather we didn’t.”

Please talk about it at home. Be honest before the Lord about your concerns and reactions. Talk to us.

Tuesday next week, we invite you to an evening to talk together about things. What are your questions? We can share a little more detail around our reasons and talk together about what all this means.

Words by The Village Church eldership team