Building Update

October 2018

Thank you for all those who attended on Thursday Sept 27th. Our hope is that you feel more informed, had your questions answered and caught more of the vision going forward. For those who were not able to attend, see the below highlights of what was discussed.

We’ve come to the end of a robust tender process that led to the appointment of Edwards White Architects (EWA) at the end of August. We are currently appointing Geotech, structural, civil, electrical, mechanical, and fire engineers to further inform the design process. The goal is to have concept design completed before the end of the year.

“Concept design tests the project brief against the development potential of the site within legislative constraints & enables a initial estimate to be prepared.”

Progress and Things to Pray For

  • Pray for favour in our dealings with council regarding roading access and resource consent
  • Pray for good outcomes from neighbouring landowners – we have approached them about the purchase of additional land required for parking, wastewater and future phases of development. We await their answer.
  • Pray about the finance. The budget has not been set but we know it will be multi millions. We believe this is no obstacle to God. We acknowledge that all we have comes from Him, and God will provide through the obedience of His people.

Engagement, Ways to Contribute

As the project continues to develop we will communicate more frequently, beginning with another meeting in November. The church website now includes a building page, complete with a fancy submission form so you can send any suggestions, ideas, Scripture, encouragements, straight to the team. We are really keen to get an idea of how God is leading each person to contribute to the building project. Prayer, hospitality, finances, professional services, trade skills, contacts – what have you got in your hand that can help? Our contributions may look different, but we are all called to participate! Get in touch.

The Village Church Building Team